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Tobacco Control

Dear guest: 

You are hereby informed that by decree of the Mexican authorities, as of 15 January 2023, the General Law for  Tobacco Control and its Regulations come into force; which dictates the prohibition of smoking, consuming  or lighting any tobacco or nicotine product in patios, terraces, balconies, amusement parks, playgrounds or  places where children and adolescents stay or congregate, sports areas, hotels, beaches, entertainment centers,  courts, stadiums, arenas, commercial shops, markets, clinics, rooms, food or beverage service locations  such as restaurants and bars, collective concurrence areas, in addition to transport stops, workplaces, as well as any place that the Ministry of Health in terms of the Law and the regulation for tobacco control establishes that applies legally as a smoke-free space. 

Smoke-free spaces are determined regardless of whether they are outdoors or indoors. 

Anyone who fails to comply with the provisions or measures set out in the General Law on Tobacco Control and its Regulations will be sanctioned as determined by the corresponding authorities. 

Princess Hotels & Resorts invites you to smoke only in the permitted areas of the hotel (see hotel map), otherwise, you  would be in breach of the above mentioned. 

Consult our map to find out where the permitted smoking areas are located. 

General management.